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Care Options : Full Time

Full Time Residential

Those living with us on a full time basis experience excellent nursing care provided by experienced, highly trained staff whilst the ambience of the facility is that of a luxurious home from home.

At Haven Bay, we respect our residents’ rights to self-determination, individuality and privacy. Our multi-disciplinary approach and advocacy team are ready to support residents in making care choices.

All long term care admissions will be assessed prior to admission to ensure the transition to long term care is a smooth process.

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Convalescent & Respite Care

Our convalescent service offers individuals both medical and nursing care during what can be a critical recovery period following hospitalisation, allowing individuals to recover in a more relaxed, yet medically supportive envirnoment.

The implementation of taylored rehabilitation programs from our physiotherapist combined with medical after care provided by our on site GP, ensures that individuals are best prepared for their return to home.

The purpose of respite care is to provide temporary relief to caregivers in the home. Respite services are available to support an individual’s ability to live longer in the community by ensuring family/other categories are supported.

Haven Bay is pleased to work with private health insurers including VHI, AVIVA, Laya, Garda Medical Aid and ESB Medical Aid.

Dementia Care & Care in a secure setting

Each person who works in the Care Centre - from our dedicated medical and nursing team, to our attentive supportive staff - is constantly striving to offer help and support to the many people whose lives are irreversibly changed by dementia.

In conjunction with Kinsale College of Further Education, staff working at Haven Bay have been trained in dementia specific care. This knowledge serves both residents and their families and friends who have also been affected. Haven Bay is supported by expert visiting consultants.

Our Armada Suite is our smallest and most intimate unit, with a real focus on person centred care. Twelve residents reside in a homely environment. Medication is used minimally and the peaceful relaxing environment lends itself to small group activities, intimate chats and a real sense of community. Each resident has their own front door, and the secure gardens, colourful planters and relaxing ‘Snug Lounge’ captures the very essence of calm.

K-CORD (Kinsale- Community Response to Dementia) Café

K- CORD café is nestled in one of Haven Bays’ apartments and is staffed largely by volunteer staff. This café welcomes members from the local community and from the Care Centre. The café is open from 11-12:30 every Wednesday and offers a Cead Mile Fáilte and a chat or a sing song to those who attend.

End of Life Care

Haven Bay is a final home for many of our residents. As a care provider, we recognise the privileged position we occupy in accompanying our residents and supporting families on their final journey. In collaboration with the Irish Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme, we deliver extensive end of life training to all of our care team. Our staff are educated on issues such as communication, pain and symptom management and psychological support.

Haven Bay is fortunate to have a doctor’s surgery on site, to provide timely and consistent medical support. Medical staff liaise with the Home Care Team from Marymount Hospice to ensure the highest standard of care is delivered. Privacy and dignity are maintained until the very end of life and families can be provided with onsite overnight accommodation.


“Let Me Decide” Program

At Haven Bay, we encourage all of our residents to play an active role in decisions regarding their care. We respect our residents’ rights to self-determination and our medical and care team ensure that those rights are protected.

An essential component of our care delivery is planning for the future and we are pleased to work with Professor Willie Molloy and his team in facilitating the ‘Let me Decide’ programme.

“Through age, illness or accident, people can lose their capacity to understand the nature and consequence of proposed medical treatment. Health care decisions then fall to families, friends and physicians, who may not be aware of the patient’s wishes”.

The ”Let me Decide” Programme invites residents, along with family or significant others, to discuss with a member of nursing staff, what kind of care they would like to receive in the event of an unforeseen emergency or at the end of their lives.
Capturing these individual wishes and establishing what a resident would want if they were unable to speak for themselves is known as an Advanced Care Directive or Living Will.

Professor Willie Molloy is a Professor of Medicine and Chair of the Centre of Gerontology & Rehabilitation in University College Cork

For more information in the topic visit www.letmedecide.ie

“The staff always most accommodating”

“I was ever so grateful to the doctors, staff and particularly Yvonne for their patience..."

“She was cared for in Haven Bay as one would treat a relative”

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